Warm-up: Barbell bench press 1×12 (light weight). Stretch

Barbell Bench Press: 3×8 (heavy weight), 2×6 (5lb lighter)

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 1×8, 1×6 (heavy weight), 3×8 (medium weight)

Flat Bench Fly: 2×10, 2×8 (medium weight)
Superset with
Front Plate Raise: 4×15 (light weight)

Dumbbell Pullover: 3×10 (medium weight)
Superset with
Dumbbell Side Raises: 3×10 (medium weight)

Rear Delt Cable Fly: 4×10 (light weight)

Standing Kettlebell Windmills: 3×10 (light weight)
Superset with
Leg Lift into Reverse Crunch: 3×15

Russian Twists on Round Side of Bosu (feet on floor): 3×20 (light weight)
Superset with
Flutter Kicks on Round Side of Bosue: 3×30

Run one mile at 6.5+mph



Warm-up: Dumbbell skull crushers 1×20 (light weight), dumbbell bicep curls 1×20 (light weight). Stretch arms

EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 3×12 (medium weight)
Superset with
Standing Alternating Bicep Curls: 3×8 (heavy weight), 1×10 (5lb less)

Barbell Preacher Curls: 3×10 (medium weight)
Superset with
Dumbbell Overhead Extension: 2×10, 1×8 (medium weight)

Cable Bicep Curl with Straight Bar: 3×12 (medium weight)

Tricep Push-ups: 3×10 (on or off knees)
Superset with
Dumbbell Hammer Curls: 3×6 (heavy weight)

Run one mile at 6.5+mph


Warm-up: Elliptical for 10 minutes at slow pace. Stretch legs and back

Deadlifts: 2×8, 3×6 (heavy weight)

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down: 2×8, 1×6 (heavy weight), 1×10 (10lb less)

Seated Cable Row: 3×8 (medium/heavy weight)

Weighted Back Extension: 3×10 (medium weight)

Two Arm Lat Pull Down: 1×8 (heavy weight), 2×10 (10lb less), 1×15 (10lb less)

HIIT on Treadmill:
1 minute at 3.5mph
1 minute at 5.5mph
30 seconds at 8+mph
Complete 5x


Legs & Glutes

Warm-up: Walk on treadmill for 10 minutes at 3mph/3% incline. Stretch

Circuit 1
Donkey Kick with Dumbbell Behind Knee: 3×15 (light weight)
Ball Roll-In for Hamstrings: 3×15
Jumping Alternating Split Squats: 3×15

Circuit 2
Burpies: 3×10
Dumbbell Reverse Lunge: 3×12 (medium weight)
Lying Leg Curl Holding Dumbbell with Feet: 3×20 (light weight)

Cable Glute Kick Back: 4×20 (light weight)

Seated Calf Raise Machine: 2×12, 1×10 (heavy weight)

HIIT on Stair Master for 10 minutes: Alternate between 1 minute at level 7 and 30 seconds at level 18

I recommend stretching and foam rolling for 10-15 minutes once finished workout.


Warm-up: Inverted row on TRX straps 2×10/Banded pull-ups 2×15/Jump rope 2×100 revolutions. Stretch legs and back

Barbell Deadlifts: 1×8, 3×6 (heavy weight), 3×8 (20lb less)

Lat Pull Down with Close Grip Attachment: 1×10, 2×8 (heavy weight), 2×10 (10lb less)

ISO Row: 3×10 (medium weight)

Kneeling One Arm Cable Pull Down: 3×10 (medium weight)

Seated Cable Row: 3×8 (heavy weight), 1×10 (15lb less)

HIIT on Treadmill:
3.5mph for 1 minute
5.5mph for 1 minute
8mph+ for 30 seconds
5.5mph for 1 minute
Complete 5x


Warm-up: Decline dumbbell bench press 2×15 (light weight), Standing dumbbell shoulder press 2×10 (light weight). Stretch

Circuit 1
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press: 1×10, 2×8 (medium weight)
Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3×10 (medium weight)
Standing Weighted Side Bend: 2×20, 1×15 (medium weight)

Circuit 2
Dumbbell Pullover: 3×10 (heavy weight)
Seated Rear Delt Fly: 3×12 (medium weight)
Elevated Bicycle Crunches on Bench: 3×15

Circuit 3
Standing Bicycle Crunches: 3×15
*Standing Kettle Bell Repeater Knee: 3×20 (light weight)
Jump Rope: 3×100 revolutions

Push-Ups: 3×15
**Superset with
Dumbbell Front Raise to Side Raise: 3×10 (medium weight)

Run one mile on treadmill at 7+mph

*Repeater knee exercise (like in step class), hold kettle bell and bring to knee with each rep

**Superset: Perform second exercise immediately after first without resting in between


Warm-up: Dumbbell skull crushers 2×20 (light weight), dumbbell curls 2×20 (light weight). Stretch

Circuit 1
EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 3×12 (medium weight)
Dumbbell Alternating Bicep Curls: 3×10 (medium weight)
Mountain Climbers: 3×30

Circuit 2
Barbell Close Grip Press: 3×10 (heavy weight)
Hammer Curls: 3×10 (medium weight)
Extended Plank Jacks: 3×15

Circuit 3
Overhead Dumbbell Extension: 3×8 (medium weight)
Wide Grip Dumbbell Curl: 3×10 (medium weight)
Extended Plank In and Out Hops: 3×12

HIIT on treadmill at 2% incline:
1 minute at 3.5 mph
1 minute at 5.5mph
30 second at 8+mph
Complete 5x