Warm-up: Holding TRX straps, squats/squat with side kick/reverse lunge into leg up in front/squat jump: 3×10 each exercise. Stretch

Seated Leg Press: 2×10 (heavy weight), 2×15 (medium weight)

Donkey Kick Machine *Drop Set: 3×6 (heavy weight), 3×6 (medium weight), 3×6 (light weight)

Cable Squats: 3×12 (medium weight)
**Superset with
Cable Pull Through: 3×12 (medium weight)

Seated Calf Raise Machine: 3×10 (heavy weight), 2×12 (medium weight)

Stair master for 10 minutes at level 7 (or moderate pace).

I recommend stretching and foam rolling for 10-15 minutes once finished workout.

*Dropset: Perform set of prescribed reps, drop weight and immediately perform another set

***Superset: Perform two exercises in a row without resting in between




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