Warm-up: Seated dumbbell curl 1×20 (light weight), dumbbell overhead extension 1×15 (light weight). Stretch

Seated Dumbbell Curl: 3×8 (heavy weight)
*Superset with
Dumbbell Overhead Extension: 3×12 (medium weight)

EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 3×10 (heavy weight)
Superset with
EZ Bar Close Grip Curl: 3×10 (medium weight)

Cable Pushdown **Dropset with V-Handle: 3×10 (heavy weight), 3×10 (10lb less), 3×10 (10lb less)

Circuit 1
Extended Crunches: 3×12
Weighted Russian Twists: 3×10 (light weight)
Side Crunch: 3×15

Run 1 mile at 6.5 mph. Walk 5 minutes at 3mph. Repeat.

**Superset: Perform two exercises in a row without resting in between

**Dropset: Perform set of prescribed reps, drop weight and immediately perform another set


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