Warm-up: Dumbbell skull crushers 1×20 (light weight), Dumbbell bicep curls 1×20 (light weight) Stretch

Circuit 1
Skull Crushers with EZ Bar: 3×8 (heavy weight)
Dumbbell Alternating Bicep Curls: 3×8 (heavy weight)
Weighted Side Bend: 3×15 (medium weight)

Circuit 2
Close Grip Barbell Press: 1×10, 2×8 (heavy weight)
Isometric Hammer Curls: 3×8 (heavy weight)
Mountain Climbers: 3×30

Preacher Curl: 2×10, 1×8 (heavy weight)
Superset with
Dumbbell Overhead Extension: 1×10, 2×8 (medium weight)

Weighted Decline Sit-Ups: 3×10 (light weight)
Superset with
Weighted Decline Sit-Up Elbow to Opposite Knee: 3×10 (light weight)

On treadmill, run one minute at 6.5mph, side shuffle 60 steps at 3mph (each side), walk backwards 60 steps at 3 mph. Complete 5x


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